The is No Rhyme or Reason to What I Do

When I first decided on writing a blog I spent weeks trying to figure out what to write about. It’s not because I didn’t have any ideas on what to write about, it’s because I had too much to write about. I had no theme. What should my theme be? Bad humor with badly drawn pictures? Poetry? Photography? Songs? A deep analysis of My Little Ponies series?


There is no blog police (I hope), there doesn’t have to be a theme, it doesn’t even have to make sense! Let there be CHAOS!! There is no authority! Nobody I have to listen to to! Ann Archie is here to be random and rule defying.

Random person on the street: Do you have a blog?

Me: Why yes I do!

Random person on the street: Oh cool, what’s it about?

Me: . . .

Me:. . . . purple cheesecake, zookeepers, seriousness, and hair extensions

Random person on the street: . . . .

Me:  fitness, beards, camera, dust, row row row your boat gently down the stream

Random person on the street: so it’s like humor?


Random person on the street: . . . .



1) I can be serious and talk about philosophy.

Aristotle’s Metaphysics tackle’s one of life’s biggest mysteries by attempting to find the answer for existence. It asks three impossible questions: What is change in the natural world? What is existence? And how can we truly understand the world through definitions? Influenced by Greek philosophers of his past who questioned change and by Plato’s theory of forms, Aristotle emerges with one of the most interesting explanations for the mysteries of our world.

2) I can make jokes.

A man walks into a bar and says OW because he stubbed his big toe while ogling at a woman.

3) I can do math.

1+2= 3

F(x) =1 /4  x3 dx = 1/16 x4 + C

3) Here’s a movie review.

The Vow has been advertised as a romantic flick but there is nothing romantic about a brain injury. After a serious car accident Paige (Rachel McAdams) slips into a coma and loses her memory, which includes forgetting her own husband. Honestly I didn’t even see the movie.

4) Here’s a poem.

Why are you so lonely child?

It is because I am alone

I repeat cliches and wear a smile

Everything is fine.

But you are surrounded by people

Can’t you see that you are not alone?

Yes, but a thirsty man surrounded by the ocean

Cannot drink the salty water

4) Here! Have a Picture!

5) Are you cold? Here have jacket!

Moreover, I do not need to come up with a conclusion to end the post. I can just leave. This is very rude so I’ll try not to do it. Also, I should stop making lists because I can’t count.

Have a Nice Day.


9 thoughts on “The is No Rhyme or Reason to What I Do

  1. You know, I really enjoyed this!

    I was stressed the other day wondering to myself what theme should I take my blog. Then I realized themes are generic. Who likes generic?

    Kudos for being random and awesome!

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