Hurray for the Chicken Bone!

Envision the following scenario:

After a delicious dinner of fried chicken, a careless eater drops a chicken bone on the floor. While clearing the table you spot the conspicuous chicken bone on the ground.

What do you do?

A. Make the person who dropped it eat it.

B.  Throw it out.

C.  Use it to conduct a highly scientific study on chicken bones that might lead to the cure of cancer.

D.  Add it to your chicken bone collection.

E.  Use it to invent a fun new game that kind of sounds like you’re cleaning but really is not because its actually a totally fun game.

If you chose (E) then your in luck, because I’ve already invented that thing!

Once you gathered all your material together you will be ready to play the best game ever!

And that’s how you play the greatest game ever!

Have a nice day.

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