Make Him Famous, How Super Heroes Are Made

There are many moments in life that bring us inspiration. They breathe in us power and passion and make us believe that we can actually succeed and make a change. That that slightly impossible idea you had can actually grow. Yes I will make it to the Olympics! Yes I will get into medical school! Yes I will change the world!

It lasts for two seconds.

And then you let it go. It is gone.

And you laugh and shake your head. How silly of you to think such thoughts. They are IMPOSSIBLE.

You need power.

You need money.

You need a miracle.

And that my friends is how you murder the superhero within. You dream a beautiful dream, but you are so terrified of failure and looking like a fool that you abandon it.

Just like that your inspiration is gone, you lose that chance of becoming a super hero and melt back into the dull routines of your life. Sometimes, that idea comes back to visit , urging your consideration, begging for a chance to live. You ignore it. Because when it comes to things that matter, powerful ideas and life changing goals, you see yourself as worthless. And so it dies.

I don’t know how many of you have seen the KONY 2012 film. If not check it out below, it’s definitely worth your time:

It emphasizes our connection as a human race armed with the power of sharing to save the world. I couldn’t help thinking how amazing that idea is. That we, as a human community, can stop bad people in the world. They have my support! I’m going to do this! I’m going to save the world and when Joseph Kony is captured we move on to the next bad guy and the next . . .And then we fight against concepts! Goodbye hunger, goodbye war, goodbye hate. WE WOULD BE UNSTOPPABLE.

I have to say that the film was so amazing that I held that thought for 10 minutes. For 10 minutes I believed in a perfect world, a record breaker.

Then the logical skeptical me came back at full force. No, it said, this is too good to be true. It won’t work and this organization is probably a scam. So I did my research and found some criticism against this campaign and quickly abandoned the idea.

Just like that.

It’s sad that once we find one flaw in an idea we abandon it. There is no such thing as a perfect plan and yet that is all we are willing to follow. Maybe Invisible Children Inc is far from perfect but the intention is more than good and that should be enough. The idea they share is universal, can be applied to any cause, and needs our support.

This is the way I see it:

The message is beautiful. Connections lead to awareness which lead passion which leads to change. There are things that you and I have absolutely no idea about. Terrible terrible things that we don’t even know exist. You vaguely remember a war in the middle east. Something about Syria? Famine in Africa? Starving children? Whatever that’s old news. That earthquake in Haiti? How are they doing over there? Who cares? They are so far away and they are only numbers.

They are much more than numbers. Don’t you care.

Of course I care but there is nothing I can do.


Lead your own revolution. It doesn’t have to be anything large scale, personal goals count too.

Let those doubts go and just do it. Open your oh so powerful mind and give the idea a form. Let it be born and come forth from the imaginary to the real. That transition is the most painful, labor pains always are. But when it is born you will cry tears of happiness. You will not even notice the pain and hardships you will face to feed and nurture it because it will be worth much more than that. It will change lives.

Stick to it!

Because doing something good is better than not doing anything at all. Right?

But then again, what the heck do I know?

Have a nice day.

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