Hey YOU! Where the Heck are You From?!?

One of the best things about having a blog is knowing that your posts are out there for the world to read and make fun of.

And that maybe, maybe some person thousands and thousands of miles away can actually read the contents of your brain that you threw up onto a “post” and laugh over the idea that you think you know how to write.

I think this is nifty. Moreover, I think this is grand.

I feel that somehow having someone read myΒ  blogΒ  makes it almost like I’m visiting them. Which might possibly make me a world traveler! So hurray for that new Views per Country thing WordPress added. It’s really nice of them to tell me where I’ve been.

But still, I feel like it’s not enough.

So now we have reached the core of the apple, the tip of the pizza (which is actually the center of the pizza pie), the main point of this post: I want all of you to (please) introduce yourself and tell me where you’re from. It would also be nice if you gave me your credit card number but its okay if you don’t.

I don’t care if your a long time follower (stalker) or someone whose cat accidentally clicked on my blog, just introduce yourself. A location and a random fact about you is all that is needed. Your cat can introduce itself too!

Here I’ll start it off.

Hi! I’m from the USA! Specifically the magnificent state of New Jersey which is well known for it’s rather pale population, excellent grammar, and its extremely intelligent Neuroscientists. Plus we have a beautiful shore so yeah. I love to start my sentences with an “and”. And I like to put my water bottle down upside-down-like when I set it on the table because I’m a bad ass rebel.


40 thoughts on “Hey YOU! Where the Heck are You From?!?

  1. Hey, my name is Viviana Ayre and I’m from New England in the U.S!!! πŸ™‚ And despite living in on of the snowy states, I have never gone skiing or tubing or anything snow related! Except build a fort and throw snowballs. πŸ˜‰

    • Oh hey there Viviana! I think that fact that you live in a snowy state and never participate in the snowy activities also makes you a bad ass rebel, so welcome to the club πŸ˜€
      You bad ass rebel you.

      • I definitely to try to rebel as much as possible without being a hipster. I was hipster before hipster was cool! πŸ˜›
        Though…. wouldn’t joining a rebel club mean we’re conforming?
        ….What a twist! ;D

  2. Vermont, the west coast of New England. And we don’t start sentences with “and” around here. And I don’t think it’s water in that bottle. What do you drink while you’re writing. And where can I get me some?

    • There actually IS water in that bottle and water happens to be my favorite drink. However, it is tap water because I love the way tap water tastes. . . .New Jersey tap water . . .hmm I think that explains why I have so many things wrong with me. . .
      And you don’t start sentences with “and” over there? Wow, Vermont is such a strange country.

  3. I am from Chingola, Zambia…that is in Africa, and before you ask, NO i have never riden an elephant or a lion before, neither am I picking berries πŸ˜€

    I stay indoors way too much and I have an insane obsession with boots. I eat like a baby dinosaur but never seem to get fat, i dont get it. πŸ™‚

    NO my cat didnt subscribe to your blog, I am just a stalker plus I dont even have a cat.

    • I know where Zambia is! And of course you don’t have a domestic cat, you have a pet lion that you ride to school. And that explains why you don’t gain any weight! It’s because you ride that lion to school and burn all those calories πŸ˜‰ Don’t try to deny it, I happen to know that everyone in Zambia rides lions.

  4. I’m Sarah and I’m calling in from Germany. As in South Germany where there are no lions or even tigers but occasionally I can wave at bears called Bruno when they nip over the Austrian border.

  5. I live in Florida. Here are a few fun facts:
    1) not everyone in FL is old
    2) yes they are
    3) the people in West Palm who weren’t intelligent enough to either vote or count votes are not accurate representatives of the people of this state.
    4) yes they are

  6. Amanda, from Delaware but have recently transplanted to Northern Virginia. Right outside of DC (AKA Suburbian Hell). Fun fact from DE: There are more chickens than people, and it’s the FIRST state! Fun fact from VA: ……… I haven’t been mercilessly killed driving yet, but someone tries every day!

    • Please try not to get killed driving! Maybe you should have a bumper sticker that says “Don’t kill me, I’m from Delaware where there are more chickens that people!” . . . .I forgot where I was going with this but I’m sure no one would want to kill someone with that bumper sticker. . .probably.

  7. you said: Hi! I’m from the USA! Specifically the magnificent state of New Jersey which is well known for it’s rather pale population, excellent grammar, and its extremely intelligent Neuroscientists. Plus we have a beautiful shore so yeah. I love to start my sentences with an β€œand”. And I like to put my water bottle down upside-down-like when I set it on the table because I’m a bad ass rebel.

    ok, a few things. if new jersey has grammar issues, it’s because of their heritage to new york immigrants from a century back who picked up the language sparingly before bringing it over to jersey city and then slowly further west and south. although i’ve lived here all my life, i can’t recall seeing too many water bottles upside down, but maybe that’s because i don’t hang out with the right people. or the wrong people. as for starting sentences with “and,” well, i think that’s happening more and more everywhere. and, that’s about it.

  8. I’m Jules from Nova Scotia, Canada. Contrary to what a lot of (American) people seem to think, Canada is not winter year round. I love winter and wish we had more of one here this year.

    • Canada is not winter all year around?? What kind of lies have I been fed? As an American I would like to apologize for all the stereotypes we think of when Canada (America’s hat) is mentioned.

      • Lol…as a Canadian I would like to apologize for the Canadians who actually believe that ALL Americans truly believe the misconceptions!

  9. I’m 20 years old and from Sydney, Australia. I dropped out of a Computer Engineering degree to train to become a cop. You commented on one of my posts. It made me happy. I considered doing a small dance. But dancing like nobody is watching is much less fun when nobody is actually watching. We both know you want to follow me. I’m hilarious.

    • Australia! I wish I could visit that place! I’m glad my comment gave you a happy and as for dancing like nobody’s watching while someone is actually watching is fun too. And for you being hilarious . . meh you’re okay I guess. πŸ˜€

  10. I am from Chicago but somehow I have ended up in California and can’t get back. I tried to get people to rescue me but when I said that it’s nice weather all the time here and there are flowers year ’round, they didn’t understand that I needed to be rescued.
    I’m working on a PhD and counting the years until I can get back to somewhere with real weather. Sometimes it rains and I’m like Yayyayyayayay weather!! and then it stops 2.8 seconds later and is sunny again. Sometimes I go into my lab’s walk-in freezer and pretend it’s winter.

    • I see nothing wrong with your reasoning. I will come save you! You can come here, to Jersey! Its 60 degrees in the morning and then blizzards in the afternoon.
      Also, thank you for warning me about California, I’ll spread the word on how terrible it is.
      Welcome Aboard to the square flea (I’m pretending my blog is a train)!

      • I’d love it if your blog was a train. Perhaps it could take me to Jersey? The weather sounds bipolar, just how I like it.

        I’m wondering if you are a square flea as in, a flea in the shape of a right-angled parallelogram with equal-length sides, or as in a flea who follows the rules?

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