The irobot


Do you have an exam tomorrow that you did not study for at all because you’re a lazy butt-faced idiot??

Do you often envision wonderful art in your head but when you draw it it come out like this:

Do you have boat load of information to memorize because you’re in medical school or because you have to memorize a phone book?

DO you like cheese?

If you answered yes, no, or maybe to any of the questions above then you need the irobot.

This amazing piece of technology that looks like a USB cable made out of cheese is awesome. It can scan, copy, and print information in your brain onto paper or other media. OR it can download a shirt load of information onto your brain.

This thing can probably cure cholera and cellular devastation maybe!!!

“WOW” -Everybody

This means I will be able to sell it for $43,000 because I can! Also  it has a small “i” in front of it which means that it will probably be an Apple product but who knows because this thing is not even invented yet!


But wait how does the irobot work?

Who knows! But I can sure as heck make up that information!

The neural cells of the cheese material are very bio compatible with human brain cells. New amazing laser technology goes up to your brains cells and says “hey, I like totally need to give/ take information from you so like hand it over nerd.” And then the brain cells would be all like “why do we have to” and then  cutting edge laser technology would be like “yo better listen to me or I tell the big cheese” and the brain cells would be  like “ok son just chill”. Afterwards the brain cell information, which often resembles a piece of glitter under a microscope, travels down the fiber-optic tubes of the cheese cable to a Neutron to Analog to Digital converter. There, bunch of miniature grasshopper begin the conversion process and print the info into paper or other media.

The irobot can download more than 57 gazillion MB of data!!

This means you might rule the world if you buy it first!

All you have to do is run to your nearest convenient store to purchase the product. Next you must perform a mini brain surgery to implant the USB to your brain (please shave hair in surrounding area before surgery). Then all you have to do is plug and download. It’s as simple as building a boat! Even a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist can do this!

So go and get yours right NOW!!

The irobot is not responsible for any deaths or cheese poisoning.  All surgery instrumentation are not included. Must be a human being to purchase, also don’t buy this if your suffer from cheese allergies. Seriously, why would you? Not available in that place over the there.


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