It’s “Let’s sleep in random places today” Day

If you ever wanted to sleep in random places and make a fool of yourself then today is your day!

Because guess what people?  I officially made today “Let’s sleep in random places today” day!


Because ladies and gentlemen, this is how I spent last night:

Lalala la la. Hmmm I should probably do some work and I definitely need to study. . . but wait! I MUST first check my oh so very important email that I haven’t checked for five minutes, I could have gotten that internship or an email from WordPress saying “hey, you’re like the best blogger ever” or “new comment please moderate”.  So email! Yeaa. . .

The Yahoo front page puts me in a serious pickle, I must carefully choose my path.

No way! That has to be the best news story ever! How dare a penguin bite someone who loves America so, it must be a terrorist. Also Gingrich? I love that guy! I used to think he was terrible guy because I thought his name was the Grinch (the one who stole Christmas) but now I realize that he is actually a giant marshmallow come to life and who doesn’t love marshmallows? Also penguins. I HAVE to read the article and know what happened! Yes the penguin bit him but then what?

But NO!

I’m not suppose to be doing that.

Back to work , missy.

So then I went back to work.


(Just kidding.)

So I clicked on them.

YEP all of them and they were all terrible, I read them anyway. Well except the last one, because it was a video and you can’t read them. Moreover, it’s a video that does this:

It was at that point that the status of this video went from meh I’ll watch it to I NEED TO WATCH IT TO SURVIVE! So I slapped the screen. Five times.

I yelled at the screen.

I threatened the screen.

I made a toast and Nutella sandwich.

And when I came back I did what every normal person would do in that situation; I went on YouTube to search for that video because hey it might work there. However, YouTube decided to not have the video because hey why make life easy. So I yelled at YouTube. I slapped YouTube ten times. I made another Nutella sandwich.

I don’t know how it happened. Even now, 24 hours later,  I can’t tell you. It started out with babies eating lemons to baby squirrel to cute bunny eating carrot and 3 hour later I found myself here:

I have been obviously YouTube roofied and apparently I wasn’t the only one.

It was a wake up call. No more shenanigans! I must study!!

But first:

That’s disgusting! I don’t want to see that! Right?

Of course you don’t.

. . .



What’s wrong with me? I have reached the weird part of YouTube and willingly watched a video called “Hippo gets explosive diarrhea”. What have I come to? I would have never searched that up on my own (mostly because I can’t spell diarrhea)! I’m a sick twisted person! Well, I kinda did it for science, the science of explosive diarrhea. Right.

After judging the other 2,786,094 people who watched the video (probably not for the righteous sake of science as I have) and shaking my head at them vigorously I closed up my browser and shut down my computer.

Also it was dawn.

This is why today was “Let’s sleep in random places today” Day. I celebrated by sleeping on a park bench, students lounge, class, grass, class, the bus stop bench, and class. Plus, since they say I can do anything if I believed, I believed in sleeping while standing up and I did it. So congratulations to me!

But seriously, I’m sleeping early tonight (by midnight).

Seriously. Except . . .oh wait, I need to do my work and I definitely need to study. My assignment is probably on my email, I better open that up.

Well hello there Yahoo.

Challenge status: DAY 1


4 thoughts on “It’s “Let’s sleep in random places today” Day

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! Also, it made me think of Bright Eyes lyrics “No one ever plans to sleep out in gutter. Sometimes that’s just the most comfortable place.” 🙂 I also fell asleep for 3.6 seconds at my desk at work today. It was liberating!

      • Why do holidays have to be annual? I strongly believe that “Let’s sleep in random places today” Day should be a monthly holiday. Or weekly. Or days that begin with a hangover (or a Yahoo/YouTube binge). What say you?

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