All the Birds Go Tweet Tweet Tweet

So for the past couple of days I haven’t been sleeping very well because of the birds. These guys are like hey let’s chirp really really really loud right next to this girl’s window. And guess what?

They do. Which is really nice of them to do because it gives me a good reason to make my attractive face.

In these past 3 days I got to really know these guys, I think the term is “a beautiful friendship”. Those darn birds that I’m going to kill, as I fondly call them, are the best things that happened to my life.

Really. . .and that’s why I’m introducing them all to you:

BirdImightlikeifIwasn’thalfasleep Bird: Tweet tweet tweet.

Whatareyouahowlingmonkey Bird: AAHAHHHOOOOO AHHHOOO AHHH?

Let’sscreambloodymurder Bird: AHHHHH EHHHHH AHHHHH EH EH EHHHHHHHH!!!!

Speaking of birds and a bunch of words with no spaces, should I make tweeter (yes that’s what I call it)?

I mean I still don’t get the point of that thing but my fondness of birds and their constant chatter is changing my mind. Now I know there is a poll thing I can make but it’s almost midnight and my Fairy Godmother is a meanie faceball booger. So we’re going to have a comment section poll!

(Also because I really like it when people comment even if they say “Did you ever look in the mirror? Good because  . . . I forgot the punch line damn.” But no one really comments like that. . .other than me and I can’t comment on my own posts first, that’s weird. Oh wait I already do).

SOOO just let me know in the comments section .

My twitter is going to be a lot like my posts (scientific, inspiring, and non-sarcastic) except shorter.

So please comment: YES or NO or something longer or your life story or KILL THOSE BIRDS ALREADY or you’re definitely cheating on your challenge by posting a minute before the day’s done or Oh wait there are no rules.

So hurray for the most grammatically disgusting post yet and have a good night!

Challenge status (what’s this about?): Day 5

PS: I’m trying to figure out what category to put this in before I Publish (it is capitalized because it deserves respect) and I just realized my categories suck. . .so that’s a new category now


13 thoughts on “All the Birds Go Tweet Tweet Tweet

  1. 1. Get a box fan and turn that thing on high to make lots of noise to drown those birds out.
    2. Put on headphones with some sort of music that will guarantee to put you to sleep and drown those birds out some more. Raison D’Etre works good for me. Very relaxing
    3. Blankets over the windows and a mask over the eyes to block out sunlight if you sleep during the day like I do. Helps a lot, and the birds won’t be able to spy on you to know you’re sleeping and conspire to wake you up.
    4. Get yourself an outdoor cat. The birds will at least choose a higher roosting spot to stay out of claws’ reach.
    Have a better day tomorrow. 🙂 And no more attractive face aye? We all go better au naturale 😀

  2. I would never admit to watching this movie. NEVER. Yeah, ok. It was showing on a plane, I swear!

    As for the poll, I say “yes!” I think I would very much enjoy your tweeter (wink wink)

    • hahahaha that’s hilarious and also scary because it’s almost the same as my situation. And its ok if you watched that movie 😀 I won’t judge you. Besides is Zooey Deschanel and she’s like cool now.

      And thanks for the first yes vote! 😀

  3. i have a farm behind me, and lots of open fields with things growing. and every morning there are about 50 turkeys that roam the field looking for food, and gobbling like mad. it sounds like a bunch of lunatics laughing at each other. damn loud. if i were a hunter, i’d be having some gooood turkey dinners.

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