Naps are Cool and I’m Sleep Deprived

I like naps.

Naps are awesome, nifty, and grand.

Do you know that moment when your phone is about to die and then you plug it into a charger for a couple of minutes and it looks full?

Guess what? That is called an illusion because that thing is going to die soonish. Also, that’s basically what a nap is.

It’s the concept of I-feel-fully-charged-but-I’m-not-really-but-that’s-okay-because-I-think-I-am that really makes naps wonderful. Not only that, you also have a sense of “hey I’m awesome” because you feel like you took a shortcut in the game of life.

Naps are short.

Also, today’s post is short because all good things come in short packages.

As a tall person I resent that fact but what can I do? This is a scientific law of life, people.

Even the word nap is awesome! First it’s like NAhhh then it’s like Ahhh and then it’s like P. The word has a very Dr. Seuss-que aura.

One nap, two nap

red nap, blue nap

did you nap on the floor?

Yes I did now shut that door.

To feel great you should take a nap

look its my pet animal Wap

Let’s nap with Wap

From here to there and there to here

Waps that nap are everywhere.


. . . I think I reached my maximum stay awake threshold.

Preparing for shut down. . .

Goodnight everyone!

Challenge status (what’s this about?): Day 12




8 thoughts on “Naps are Cool and I’m Sleep Deprived

  1. As a short person, I agree 100% Keep up the hard work with your challenge. I’ve unofficially tried (without telling anyone) and failed, a couple times. lol

    • Thank you! I never thought it would be so hard to stay true to the challenge especial since I’m entering finals week and I always find myself writing up something right before midnight. I think telling people is the key to keeping up with the challenge. That way YOU have to do it or else everyone would think “look at that loser blogger she probably doesn’t like kittens.”

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