This Post Sucks, Don’t Read It.

Why are you reading this? Didn’t I specifically tell you not to?? HMMMM??

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that I’m just testing you,  to see if you are a true reader or not. Maybe I will tell you how “How I Met Your Mother” actually met the mother in this post and all the losers that don’t read this won’t find out.

Guess what?


Just NO.

This post actually sucks forceps. It maybe even suck antlers, 4 and a half antlers to be precise.

Listen to me! I’m an idiot so don’t listen to me!

I literally have 15 minutes to write and publish this thing because I have other deadlines to meet and buttons that will save the world to press. This means I’m probaly gonna stop worring about spelling and grammers. so stop now! this post is literally deterriorating before your very eyes.

you must be wondering what makes a post sucky? like forcep sucky or 4 and a half antlers to be precisely:

1) Abuses the english language- bad Grammers AND capitalization. Like no respect, yo!

2) like it talks about nothing- their is know point to it

like whats this even about/

like nothing

I meean think about it. BEES are classically yellow and black and school buses are yellow and black.

HEY GUYS this is a yellow school bus!!



Also there is the fact my google is broken. Thats sounds dirty but seriously it is. I cant google on fire focks so I have to use that blue E thing to survive. LAME-O

(Woah I totally thought that was just a regular picture of a couch but its actually a movie!)

Time is almost upppy!!!

I should write a quick goodbye song!

Like in Blues Clues at the end of episodes they would sing that song and you would sing it too because its so darn catchy.

End post time is so saddy

but this girl needs to finish nowwy

because she is doing things

like stuff and she wears rings

so makes sure you read another post soon

Where I will talk about stuff

Challenge status (what’s this about?): DAY 13


5 thoughts on “This Post Sucks, Don’t Read It.

  1. If I read this post twice, the second time cancels out the first, thereby making me in compliance with the instructions. Or it doesn’t, but certainly one of the two.

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