And the Thought Jumped Over my Head . . .

Today I thought of something brilliant. Brilliant and funny. Seriously guys, it was so good I couldn’t believe I made it up. And then my brain showed me how awesome it was by making it even brillianter. Oh God it was so funny.

Especially since I was in the shower.

Especially since that place has no place to write on.

Also I discovered that writing on a foggy mirror doesn’t stay on long. That’s science folks!

So here I am admitting that I can’t remember anything. There was something about an octopus and he sang ironic Christmas songs.


This is basically what happened:

I feel like I have let down the world by forgetting my brilliant and hilarious thought.

Maybe that thought was gonna save the world (the world)! Maybe when I posted it people would have loved it so much they would be like “hey guys! No more war and hate and stuff ok?”. And then we could have all sat around the campfire (all 7 billion of us) and sang Barney’s “I Love You” song (because Kumbaya is too mainstream). There would be happiness and free ice cream! And the octomom would actually be an octopus and her kids would have a more caring mother instead.

But none of this is happening.

Because I don’t remember.

Because that thought jumped over my head and probably the moon too. That’s how gone it is.

I’m sorry everyone.

Challenge status (what’s this about?): DAY 20


8 thoughts on “And the Thought Jumped Over my Head . . .

  1. I think the Octomom being an actual octopus while her children are cared for by an actual mother is a thought that could bring us all to the campfire.

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