Did you guys know that Kevin is gay?

It’s okay, I didn’t either.

Until I decided I needed to use the internet in the middle of the park and began scouting for wifi to steal.  I did not find any steal-able wifi.

Instead I found myself on an adventure as a wifi name collector and began actively searching for a network I can use name I can find amusing.

Some were kinda of lame-o.

Hahaha nowhere wifi? Wifi nowhere? There is nowhere wifi here? I’m now NOT connected to nowhere.YOU MUST BE REAL CLEVER!!!!

Others seemed more like an inside joke:

While one opened my eyes to the true reality of this world.

Yes, the noisy people that live upstairs were actually monsters. That means that the noisy people downstairs are fairies, probably.

And then there was this. . .

Thank you Pussy Breath for allowing me to post on my blog today.

Challenge status (what’s this about?): DAY 22


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