Adele Came Out of the Blue, Uninvited (a true story)

So your telling me the reason you couldn’t hang out with me yesterday was because Adele was bothering you?


Adele who? Is she school friend?

Adele, the British singing lady who sings.

That Adele! How do you know her? ?

I don’t. I told you she came out of the blue, uninvited.


She probably found out about my kick ass blog. Also, I’m awesome. But honestly I think she’s a bit obsessed with me, I was like “Adele go away! I need to really really hang out with this really really cool friend of mine.” and she’s all like “ I can’t stay away, no, I can’t fight it.” And then I was like ” I don’t even know you!” and she was all like ” You and I have history or don’t you remember?” and I was like “No. No we don’t.”

So she just stayed with you? What did you guys do?

Well, all she wanted to do all day was set fire to the rain and watch it burn while she touched my face. After failing miserably at that activity we tried chasing the pavement but then we gave up.

Ok. . .

Then we rolled in the deep.

The deep what?

I don’t know. Maybe it was the ocean, maybe it was a deep hole. I don’t remember. All I remember watching a squirrel.

right . . .

But apparently that’s too boring for her highness because when I suggested we watch ants next she said “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you. . .” and I said “ YOU AIN’T NEVER FINDING SOMEONE LIKE ME!“. I tried not show the hurt but honestly I went home and cried.

Yea I bet . .

It was all very sad, but hey I’m sure we can hang out some other time.


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