Powerpoint Lectures; a history and stuff

PowerPoint lectures were invented by the board of boredom. This elite but sleep-inducing board decided to meet one day to make the world a much boring place.

“Hmm,” they said. “How can we make the universe a more boring place?

“I know!” said the vice president of the board in a monotone. “We can have PowerPoint presentations for lectures in college.”

“And we can make the rooms incubator warm and turn the lights off!” Said another member while texting his girlfriend.

“Great idea!” said the entire board as they promptly fell asleep.

And so the board of boredom went out to the world to enforce PowerPoint lectures. Sponsored by the board of naps and the board of what the heck is this class about anyway, they cornered innocent and normally enthusiastic  professors and injected them boredom. Also they gave them completely  foreign accents that you cannot understand because what the point of understanding a lecture? They also met with the board of education and forced them to adhere to their ways. The board of education, being bored of education, said sure dudes.

No one was safe.

THEY did this! Even after I said that the Statue of Liberty cannot swim.

The board of boredom was no longer a bore, they now had a purpose. They raped churches and blasted Justin Bieber songs. They also burned all nonconforming professors at the stake. Also they stoned people, which is bad.

Not cool dudes.

No one was happy. Well, except the Microsoft guy because PowerPoint is part of his company and now everyone was using it so he’s getting more money. Except that guy is so rich he probably wouldn’t notice the extra $100 million.

So yea, no one is happy.

So lets get rid of this thing, okay?

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