About Me or Whatever

This Page is Under Construction.

I understand that you might really, really want to know all about me or whatever but what can I do? I have no power over this.

In the meantime you can fly a kite, abuse the comments section, build a bridge, or abuse the comments section.


15 thoughts on “About Me or Whatever

  1. Ann Archie (clever),
    Your comment on my blog was the best. It also was much better than my post. So I erased my post. Voilà. No one outshines me on my own blog.
    Your new fan,
    Le Clown

    • Are you telling me I single handedly brought the demise of your blog blog post? Wow, I believe that makes me quite awesome. Other than the fact that I’m deathly afraid of a clown on fire, this could probably be the begining of a beautiful friendship.

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