DIY: Punch Someone in the Throat

Hey Everyone!

Have you ever seen those cool action movies where the bad guy gets punched in the throat and thought to yourself I wish I can do that! ? Well guess what? Punching people in the face or throat is not only reserved for cool looking fit guys with fake tans, you can do it too! As the title suggests, this tutorial is going to show you how you can punch someone in the throat.

I first saw this tutorial when I saw this guy getting punching in the throat in the street a while ago, and thought it was a fantastic idea. It’s an easy cost effective way to deal with annoying people or potential super villains. I tried it over the weekend and had so much fun perfecting the process and now I will share all my secrets with you.

To punch someone in the throat, you will need:
-Your arm
-A throat to punch (preferably not your own)
-A unique sound effect to make while punching ( You can go with the classic “ahh” or you can get creative and shout “blaka blaka” or “rootabaga!!!”)

Step one:

Raise your arm using the up arm muscles, the side arm muscles, and the kind of side but more down arm muscles.

Step two:

Make a very unattractive face and make a fist.

Step three:

Aim the fist at the opponent’s throat and begin preparing mouth and tongue for potential sound effect release.

Step four:

Release the sound effect and fist and let physics take its course.

Step five:

Run the hell away before the cops come.

And remember if you accidentally punch at the wrong angle and end up hurting yourself, don’t cry in front of the person you were going to punch. It’s not a good idea. Also don’t blame me for your inadequate punching.

So there you have it – a perfect punch to the throat from your muscles! The more you do it, the better you’ll get and the most likely you will go to jail.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and keep a look out for my upcoming DIY in the future.