Adele Came Out of the Blue, Uninvited (a true story)

So your telling me the reason you couldn’t hang out with me yesterday was because Adele was bothering you?


Adele who? Is she school friend?

Adele, the British singing lady who sings.

That Adele! How do you know her? ?

I don’t. I told you she came out of the blue, uninvited.


She probably found out about my kick ass blog. Also, I’m awesome. But honestly I think she’s a bit obsessed with me, I was like “Adele go away! I need to really really hang out with this really really cool friend of mine.” and she’s all like “ I can’t stay away, no, I can’t fight it.” And then I was like ” I don’t even know you!” and she was all like ” You and I have history or don’t you remember?” and I was like “No. No we don’t.”

So she just stayed with you? What did you guys do?

Well, all she wanted to do all day was set fire to the rain and watch it burn while she touched my face. After failing miserably at that activity we tried chasing the pavement but then we gave up.

Ok. . .

Then we rolled in the deep.

The deep what?

I don’t know. Maybe it was the ocean, maybe it was a deep hole. I don’t remember. All I remember watching a squirrel.

right . . .

But apparently that’s too boring for her highness because when I suggested we watch ants next she said “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you. . .” and I said “ YOU AIN’T NEVER FINDING SOMEONE LIKE ME!“. I tried not show the hurt but honestly I went home and cried.

Yea I bet . .

It was all very sad, but hey I’m sure we can hang out some other time.

Let’s (try to) Play a Game: Why my Categories Suck.

My categories suck. Just look at them:

Now look at them with numbers:

Do you see that? Disgusting.

Look at it! A 2 and a 1 and then a 14? Terrible, absolutely terrible. You must all be recoiling in disgust by now.

These are the suckiest categories that ever sucked. They are so sucky that if you looked up the word “sucks” you would find that it says :

  1. in.
    That is worthless. :  This meat loaf is terrible. It sucks.
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
But wait, I have to explain why.

But I don’t want to.


But I should because its the title of this post. You see I have been “tagged” by one J. Todd Hubbard and now I’m “it”. This means that I’m forced at gunpoint to answer the question. Now I’m sure that Mr. Hubbard is a nice man and probably tries to pay his taxes and I already know that he’s very funny, but when it comes to his questions there is no funny business allowed.

Now I gave him many reasons as to why I do not play these games:

1) Ann Archie hates rules and this game has lots of them.

However, he refused to listen to my reasons and so here we are.

My categories suck because they are not doing what they’re suppose to be doing. It’s like having a employees that don’t do their job or a cake that’s not awesome. I mean come on, I have a category called Funny Stuff (maybe) EVERYTHING I WRITE IS FUNNY STUFF MAYBE. Then I have categories that I only made for one or two posts and have no intention of using again. Also, Thoughts and Things?? That’ my entire blog!

Now I’m a person who knows how to be organized, I might not always be but when I must I can be. Let’s call it potential organization (I’ll  put it on my resume).

So watching this train wreck of an attempt to organize my blog makes me want to run out to the rain and cry dramatically. Moreover, what’s up with WordPress not letting us rename categories or delete them or is that me just being an idiot?

Either way my categories still suck and I hope that this ramble of words did some kind of explaining.

[Thank you Mr. Hubbard for this post idea, you may now remove the gun from my head]

Challenge status (what’s this about?): Day 6

Rumer Has it.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there lived a girl who was going to write a wonderful post today. It was going to be wonderful and awesome. There was going to be action, romance, and comedy. It was going to be so good that everyone in the kingdom would love her and maybe get her a cake?

But guess what? She didn’t write a wonderful post. She was going to but alas an ogre and five zombies attacked her and she had to go to the hospital.

In other news, this is Rumer Willis:

She’s an actress, which is cool I guess.

But I have a serious problem with this woman. Actually,googling her image showed me that a lot of people had a problem with her, but that’s mostly because they were being mean about her face.

That’s not my issue.


Dear Demi Moore (her mother) and Bruce Willis (her father),





They never answered my letter but that’s only because they knew. Oh yes, they knew that I would find out on my own. . .and today I did.

Today this happened:

And that’s repeated, over and over again.

In my head that’s all I can see. That Rumer Willis has IT. What is IT?? What does she have on Adele.

What IT can possibly be:

1) The heart from the previous lyric line.

2) Your love anymore.

3) That thing that people do sometimes when they go to that place with those people?

4) What a presidential candidate needs (according to the news)?

4) Something else.

If you have any ideas please let me know! Because this girl has got no clue.

Challenge status (what’s this?): Day 4 (just made it!)