Hey I Just Met You

If my home had a slogan it would be “Home of the broken AC, since 2004”.

Now some of you might not know this, but its summertime. And believe it or not, it can be very hot during this thing called summer. Which makes my home a very undesirable place, unless you’re bacteria.

This leaves me with one other place where I can spend my day: work.

If my workplace had a slogan it would be “Hey we have working AC! And we have lots of work, so do it! LOL”

So after a week of ridiculous amount of work  fun, I decided bye everybody I’m going to the beach. It was a great plan, because there was no planing involved. Just up and went with a couple of friends. Two hour car ride with the radio blasting and all those wonderful catchy songs getting stuck in your head. All those catchy songs getting stuck in your head like that sticky fly trap thing.

All those catchy song getting stuck in your head.


  1. the sand is very very hot
  2. the air was very hot
  3. I was very hot
  4. I turned a very attractive red color
  5. that color is now a very attractive orange brown
  6. I discovered the crossing out words feature. Thanks WordPress!
  7. 4 people have already died at that beach this year
  8. I went in that water like I was immortal and death couldn’t get me
  9. Also I can’t swim
  10. Also I was like uh oh my feet can’t touch the ground anymore
  11. Also I can’t swim
  12. Then I saw this guy and was like Hey!
  13. And he was like are you ok?
  14. and I was like I’m fine!
  15. and he was like do you need a little help?
  16. and I was like maybe .. .probably . . also I can’t swim
  17. and he was like I’m coming!

Now if any normal person out there was just saved from drowning they would be thinking Wow I almost died and that guy saved me! Thanks guy! Imagine if I died? I should have finished that tub of ice cream, you cant gain weight if you’re dead! I’ll finish it anyway to celebrate the continuation of my life!

But all I could think was Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy but I can’t swim. So save me, maybe?

and it kept going: Before you came into my life I going to drown, I was going to drown, I was going to drown drown.

and it didn’t go away:

Hey I just met you

and this is crazy

but you cut me off

so I’ll kill you, maybe?

and I couldn’t stop:

Hey I just met you

and this is crazy

but there is sand in my butt

so I’ll flash you, maybe?

So yea I almost died this weekend. I was in death’s clutches and all that.