So here I am, writing again.

However, this time I’m writing very hesitantly because I am honestly terrified of blogs. I keep telling myself that I can write whatever I want and that it doesn’t matter what people think, but in the end all I do is worry about if people “like” what I’m saying. This may have to do with the fact that I try to please and impress everyone, but I think it is mostly because I have 4 kbillion readers that follow my blog religiously and I have to keep them all satisfied and happy.


It came to the point where I actually thought about just getting rid of this blog. Because really, what’s the point?

But that thought in itself made me sad. I like writing/drawing/pressing random keys on the keyboard for people. Even if no one looks at it! Even if everyone hates it! I DON’T CARE!!

(but i do)

(i do care)

This constant tug of war in my head can be solvedĀ  by one way and one way only.

I decided to make myself a mascot to keep me motivated. It’s a hat named Montgomery David Maximilian.

Monti, as he is called, is a hat.

The hat is Monti.

He is red and has yellow flowers.

Monti is an imaginary hat because a red hat with yellow flowers doesn’t exist probably.

He follows me around and keeps me motivated which is why his name is Monti.

Because Monti sounds like motivated if you’re half deaf.

Anytime I’m unsure of myself he whispers softly in my ear: “blivinurself”

And then I realize . .

Donna gives up but I don’t!

Which makes Donna a loser, she probably doesn’t have a blog.

Thank you Monti for getting me back (Unfortunately for you all).