Make Him Famous, How Super Heroes Are Made

There are many moments in life that bring us inspiration. They breathe in us power and passion and make us believe that we can actually succeed and make a change. That that slightly impossible idea you had can actually grow. Yes I will make it to the Olympics! Yes I will get into medical school! Yes I will change the world!

It lasts for two seconds.

And then you let it go. It is gone.

And you laugh and shake your head. How silly of you to think such thoughts. They are IMPOSSIBLE.

You need power.

You need money.

You need a miracle.

And that my friends is how you murder the superhero within. You dream a beautiful dream, but you are so terrified of failure and looking like a fool that you abandon it.

Just like that your inspiration is gone, you lose that chance of becoming a super hero and melt back into the dull routines of your life. Sometimes, that idea comes back to visit , urging your consideration, begging for a chance to live. You ignore it. Because when it comes to things that matter, powerful ideas and life changing goals, you see yourself as worthless. And so it dies.

I don’t know how many of you have seen the KONY 2012 film. If not check it out below, it’s definitely worth your time:

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