Ann Archie Answers Your Questions About the M-Theory

What is the M- theory?

The M theory was originally goingto be called the M&M theory. However, many theoretical physicists realized that there was no way to mathematically measure the awesomeness of M&Ms, so they changed the name to M-theory. They decided to make the M stand for membrane and then made up a theory to go with it.

I thought that theories are found first and then they’re given a title?

Not true at all. The title is the most important thing; first the title then the theory.This method is called  Title Then Content (TTC) and it’s a technique only brilliant people can manage. It’s how I write my all my blog posts.

Are you sure . . ?

Of course I’m sure! Don’t doubt me! It’s not like you’re a theoretical physicist right?

Uh . . no I’m not.

JUST AS I THOUGHT!!! Now, I’m not a scientist either but I watch all these videos and documentaries about sciency stuff when I’m suppose to be doing my homework, so that makes me like an expert. Probably more than those physic scientists themselves.

Okay, let’s move on. What does this theory state?

It’s a build-on on the string theory which states that our universe and a bunch of other universes are but strings on a huge guitar. And all these strings vibrate to make the music of life. But everyone was like what? And then the scientist were like, there are 11 parallel universes. And then everyone was like WHAT? And then the scientists were like, guess what? Those strings are all connected and they make a sheet! A vibrating sheet that makes the beautiful music of life and maybe it sounds like dubstep.

That doesn’t really sound scientific. .

You’RE FACE doesn’t sound scientific.

 . . . .

Okay I may have exaggerated on some things and used my writer’s brush to make the science mumbo jumbo a beautiful painting. . .

You like that right, huh? Such good imagery! I’m a really good writer! You should tell all your readers to visit my blog “The Square Flea” !! Also follow me on twitter @thesquareflea! I’m

Well I think this is all the time we have for today.

NO I’m not done! I didn’t even get into the maths of  it and that the whole reason I made up this interview in the first place. I have to talk about the P-branes and the BFSS model. . .

Yes but you need to go now . . .

It begins with a simple derivation of the

security . .

the factors are then ..


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