Dear Daily Blogging, I QUIT. Thanks.

F0ur score and 25 days ago, right around final exams crazy time, I decided to blog everyday.

Because when time gets even scarcer I think of more time consuming things to do.

Because why not?

Around the the 11th day of my “daily post” challenge I started to dread it. It was hard to write something everyday especially when you’re a lazy bum face like I am.

Hmmm what should I write about today?

Oh look there is a cup!

               Cups Are Cool Maybe. Probably? Even!

Cups are cool and sometimes they are purple. If you throw a glass cup really hard it will shatter into a bazillion pieces! Can you imagine a world without cups? I sure can’t! Those things are like an important component of the fabric of life as we know it. I mean think about it, if you had five cups and I had a pet bear and llama cross breed we would both probably enjoy picnics at the beach. And maybe eat a sandwich . . .

So I decided to stop the daily challenge. Just like that.


Wussyyyy. You can’t handle it.

I can handle it! I did it for 11 days!

11 days? Wow someone get this girl a metal or better yet get her a rutabaga. She definitely deserves it.

Okay fine, I won’t stop today but only because its the 11th day and 11 is an awkward number. I’ll stop at 25 because that’s half of 50 and quarters have that number.

Yesterday was day 25. I’m not suppose to post today. Today is a post-less day.

Except at 11:15 PM I began to panic.

I should at least tell all my 4kbillion readers about my decision that can possibly completely alter their lives. I’ll post it on twitter.

Except nobody looks at my twitter. DAMN.


No I’m suppose to stop.

I cant I NEED to post.

Hello don’t you remember? It takes 21 days to form a habit! That’s why there are 21 cigarettes in one box! So people can get addicted! You’re like a smoker now!!

Wow I just got a really funny picture in my head of me as a smoker but I can’t draw it because I’m running out of time!
It’s 11:56 PM

I still need to put this in a category! AND TAGS!!!

and grammer

and spelling!!!

and oh MY GOD someone please help me!!!

I’m getting chills and cold sweats and maybe I’m having a panic attack, maybe . .

Challenge status  DAY 26!

UPDATE: NOOOOOO. NOO NOO. WORDPRESS ughhh. I PUBLISHED THIS ON MAY 16 at 11:59 PM. Why does it say May 17th? Excuse me while I break down and cry.

UPDATE 2: Okay everyone, let’s all use our powers of imagination and pretend that it actually says the 16th not the 17th. There problem solved!

UPDATE 3: NO no no no no no no no no . . . .

UPDATE 4: Dear WordPress, If you change the date on this post to what it’s actually suppose to be I’ll give you my last jar of Nutella.